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Six-Core AMD Opteron™
Model Number:
AMD Virtualization Technology
Frequency (MHz):
L2 Cache Size (KB):
Socket F (1207)
Manufacturing Tech (CMOS):
45nm SOI
Wattage (W):
System Bus (MT/s):
Number of Cores:
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  Compare OPN TrayProcessorModelFrequency (MHz)Wattage
View Detail OS2435WJS6DGNSix-Core AMD Opteron™24352600 75 W
View Detail OS2431WJS6DGNSix-Core AMD Opteron™24312400 75 W
View Detail OS2427WJS6DGNSix-Core AMD Opteron™24272200 75 W
View Detail OS8435WJS6DGNSix-Core AMD Opteron™84352600 75 W
View Detail OS8431WJS6DGNSix-Core AMD Opteron™84312400 75 W
View Detail OS8439YDS6DGNSix-Core AMD Opteron™8439 SE2800 105 W
View Detail OS2439YDS6DGNSix-Core AMD Opteron™2439 SE2800 105 W
View Detail OS8425PDS6DGNSix-Core AMD Opteron™8425 HE2100 55 W
View Detail OS2425PDS6DGNSix-Core AMD Opteron™2425 HE2100 55 W
View Detail OS2423PDS6DGNSix-Core AMD Opteron™2423 HE2000 55 W
View Detail OS2419NBS6DGNSix-Core AMD Opteron™2419 EE1800 40 W

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