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AMD Phenom™ II X4
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  Compare OPN TrayProcessorModelFrequency (MHz)Wattage
View Detail HDX945WFK4DGIAMD Phenom™ II X49453000 95 W
View Detail HDZ965FBK4DGIAMD Phenom™ II X49653400 140 W
View Detail HDZ940XCJ4DGIAMD Phenom™ II X49403000 125 W
View Detail HDX920XCJ4DGIAMD Phenom™ II X49202800 125 W
View Detail HD900EOCK4DGIAMD Phenom™ II X4900e2400 65 W
View Detail HD905EOCK4DGIAMD Phenom™ II X4905e2500 65 W
View Detail HDX925WFK4DGIAMD Phenom™ II X49252800 95 W
View Detail HDX910WFK4DGIAMD Phenom™ II X49102600 95 W
View Detail HDX810WFK4FGIAMD Phenom™ II X48102600 95 W
View Detail HDX805WFK4FGIAMD Phenom™ II X48052500 95 W
View Detail HDZ955FBK4DGIAMD Phenom™ II X49553200 125 W
View Detail HDX945FBK4DGIAMD Phenom™ II X49453000 125 W
View Detail HDX820WFK4FGIAMD Phenom™ II X48202800 95 W
View Detail HDXB95WFK4DGIAMD Phenom™ II X4B953000 95 W
View Detail HDXB93WFK4DGIAMD Phenom™ II X4B932800 95 W
View Detail HDZ965FBK4DGMAMD Phenom™ II X49653400 125 W
View Detail HDX955FBK4DGMAMD Phenom™ II X49553200 125 W
View Detail HDX945WFK4DGMAMD Phenom™ II X49453000 95 W
View Detail HDX925WFK4DGMAMD Phenom™ II X49252800 95 W
View Detail HD910EOCK4DGMAMD Phenom™ II X4910e2600 65 W
View Detail HDX840WFK42GMAMD Phenom™ II X48403200 95 W
View Detail HDZ955FBK4DGMAMD Phenom™ II X49553200 125 W

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